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ICBC is the Capacity Building Center of the Institute for Security and Safety (ISS). Security is the central pillar of digitalization. To achieve security, the establishment of capacity is essential. The ICBC provides agile capacity building solutions for an integrative security approach.


With the ISS Capacity Building Center (ICBC), the Institute for Security and Safety (ISS) at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences aims to address the global need for capacity building solutions in Cybersecurity. As digitalization in all sectors of society and economy progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the security of digital systems and networks has long been an overlooked aspect of modern technology. There is a shortage of professional Cybersecurity personnel and lack of basic, yet crucial knowledge of information security by employees and employers. To tackle this knowledge gap and contribute to a secure cyberspace, the ISS and its team offer a range of courses and experiences.

Our assets:

  • Professional experience in cooperation with renowned international actors (IAEA, UNECE, NATO, OSCE, Chatham House, World Economic Forum, ITU)


  • NGO in special consultative status with the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


  • Membership of IAEA International Nuclear Security Education Network (IAEA INSEN) and ITU Center of Excellence


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Capacity Building

Exercises & Lab


Your way to competence

Individuals now more than ever face growing challenges in keeping up with digitalization trends and the exponential progress of technology. However, technological developments have also made obtaining knowledge easier than ever before. The modern day professional now has access to a vast range of ways to deliver Cybersecurity training to them: E-Learnings, such as Web Based Trainings (WBTs) and Web-Seminars now present comfortable supplements to long-proven face-to-face Trainings.
With a special focus on Digital Learning, the ICBC’s Course Catalogue contains a variety of courses on topics such as, but not limited to:


All the courses profit from the ISS’ longstanding experience in educational delivery, whether in the academic field or professional, high-level environments like International Organizations.

The ISS also offers capacity building courses through its cooperation with the ITU Academy:

Free Password Security WBT
certified degree courses professionals employee training

Capacity Building

Transform Capacity into Competence

The ICBC’s customized Capacity Building programs are one-to-one training concepts for enterprises, academies, universities and other organizational actors. These programs aim to embed Cybersecurity in the organization’s employee’s minds and to find the most suitable training solution for each client. With our Customized Didactic Concepts, we arrange various training modules to cater to the environment and requirements of our clients – both with respect to the training contents as well as the time frame needed. For example, this could result in one-year employee training programs or certified degree courses for professionals (3-10 days).

For the creation of the Customized Capacity Building Programs, the ISS looks back on its comprehensive experience in delivering capacity building to a variety of business partners and clients. This includes train-the-professional and train-the-trainer programs for international organizations, energy providers, or Transmission Service Operators (TSOs). The ISS also provides sector-specific capacity building programs, such as Automotive, Industry and Engineering (see description below). Previous examples of such courses include the following:

  • Advanced Training Course (ATC) for professionals (learn more)
  • Professional Development Course (PDC) as train-the-trainer concepts (learn more)

Concerning the academic field, the ISS has successfully developed and implemented a university Master’s degree program at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, in cooperation with the IAEA.

For more information on previous capacity building activities, click on the descriptions below.
ICBC Modular Training Concept
Customized Didactic Concepts

Exercises & Lab

Cyber Exercises and Demonstrator

Not all Cybersecurity knowledge can be delivered indirectly via the internet. Especially when it comes to Operational Technology (OT), such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), hands-on knowledge of physical systems is indispensable for successfully implementing security. For this, the ICBC offers special hardware solutions in the form of customized Demonstrators for training on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Production Planning and Control Systems (PPCs). The demonstrator also includes software solutions in the form of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Demonstrators can be used for an introductory training of OT Security or be built and adapted to the specific training needs of the customers. ICBC offers hands-on and interactive exercises in our lab.

Accompanying this, the ICBC further offers solutions supporting the implementation of Cyber & Security Laboratory Environments.



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Support for your Cyber Exercise

  1. Preparation Phase
    • Scenario creation
    • Proof of vulnerabilities in system (for existing/planned)
    • Search of new vulnerabilities to compromise
    • Support during training environment configuration
    • Training materials development and Training implementation
  2. Execution Phase
    • White Teaming (participant’s technical contact point/room operation)
    • Red Teaming/Blue Teaming (active participation)
  3. Review Phase
    • Analysis of participant’s actions
    • Dissamination

Support for your Lab

    • Demonstrator
    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality for physical security


demonstrator ot product training concepts laboratory customized
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